How can I work with WL Extranet ? 

WL Extranet has an advanced search engine enabling you to filter your transactions per shop, payment terminal, period, payment schemes, etc. Then, you can easily export the data to Excel. And, from there, you can use this data for marketing and CRM initiatives

Is WL Extranet secure ?

Absolutely! WL Extranet is a secure network to which you only have access with your personal ID. But it is also very flexible: you can consult WL Extranet from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

How do I access WL Extranet ? 

Click here to request your access to WL Extranet

if your business is part of a chain of shops, you can view you transactions with your group headquarters’ programme. To do so, just contact your group headquarters

Where do I find the WL Extranet manual ? 

You can consult the user manual here .